Sunday, June 21, 2009

Food for thought

Thought for the day:

" Occasionally men stumble over the truth, only to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and go on as if nothing ever happened."


  1. Interesting thought! :)

    I changed my background by going into my HTML coding and messing with it. I pretty much changed my entire blog look by changing my HTML.Are you familiar with that coding at all? I am happy to help if you need it! :) Hope you are having a wonderful father's day! :)

  2. Thanks!...I have never coded before :+O I might get your advice soon, Thanks& God bless!

  3. That is a very interesting true. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. :)

  4. Adam....if you go to this site:

    it has lots of great explanations on how to do lots of things....the categories on the right are where you want to look. :)